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What kid doesn't enjoy stories, silly songs and snacks? Maybe that's why children everywhere in the world love VBS.
Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries join with teams of VBS workers to stage Vacation Bible School in villages throughout South Asia during school breaks.
The VBS workers seem to enjoy themselves as much as the children!
The kids who come to VBS hear stories about Jesus. For many, this is the first time they've heard about a Savior who loves them.
The children work in groups to complete activities that help reinforce the stories.
They also participate in worship, singing praises to God. Imagine how sweet these sounds are in heaven!
The kids learn plenty of action songs to liven up the lessons.
South Asian VBS programs also include plenty of dancing. Each area has its own cultural dance, and children enjoy performing for their peers.
This little boy is reciting the Bible verses he learned during VBS week, which is an integral part of the program.
Of course, there's nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that comes at the end of the week. These VBS students are showing off their certificates.
Each year hundreds of kids give their hearts to Jesus during Vacation Bible School. Just think, many of the children in this photo will be in heaven because of the faithfulness of VBS workers and the prayers and support of Christians around the world who work together to tell them about God's love.
date posted 06/30/2011