Witchcraft and magic are extremely prevalent in remote villages. This photo shows the “magic strings” people wore around their necks and wrists before coming to know about Jesus Christ.

Vishwas Dutta’s hands and legs began to shrink. His stomach bloated to an abnormally large size. Whenever he tried to move or eat, pain coursed through his nerves. Death seemed imminent.

Witchcraft controlled the village Vishwas lived in. People wielded its power to harm others, and when Vishwas was only 18, someone placed him under a curse. It wreaked havoc on Vishwas’ health. He became confined to his bed, unable to move because of the power of the black magic.

One day, as he lay helpless, he heard Harshad, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, walking by his house. He called out to the missionary, believing there might be some hope left for a cure to his pitiful condition.

When Harshad entered Vishwas’ home, he immediately told the missionary what had happened to him. Harshad listened intently, and then shared with him about Christ. He explained to Vishwas that God had the power to heal him, and told him that if he would believe in Jesus with his whole heart, he would be healed.

Vishwas made the decision to believe in Christ and His power. Without delay, Harshad began to pray for Vishwas. The missionary left the home without seeing any significant change in Vishwas’ condition, but the Lord had heard their prayers.

That night, for the first time in many days, Vishwas was able to sleep peacefully. His sleep was filled with dreams about a balloon coming forth from his stomach and bursting.

When Vishwas woke up the next day, a red mark encircled his navel, and he felt an immense amount of relief in his body.

In time, Vishwas was completely healed. Because of his healing, 15 families in his village—and Vishwas himself—now know the Lord Jesus Christ in an intimate way.

Vishwas continues to grow strong in his relationship with Christ. He has surrendered himself to study God’s Word and serve Him the rest of his life.