Hundreds of students, just like Janty and the girl shown here, are finding help with their studies and the hope found in Jesus at Gospel for Asia Community Education centers.

Janty Tamang was a struggling student. She went to a good school, but found the courses difficult and realized she needed a little extra help. That’s exactly what she found at a Gospel for Asia Community Education center in her hometown.

The center, run by a Gospel for Asia-supported worker, provides academic assistance and counseling for students who do not need the full attention from a Bridge of Hope center. The centers operate in one specific area in Asia where the local workers saw this need and created the centers as a way to help the youngest residents.

Janty is one of 24 students who were being tutored at the center. She was in the sixth grade when she started attending the center. She struggled with the demanding curriculum and difficult tests, a trademark element in Asian educational systems.

After getting the extra help at the Community Education center, her academic abilities exploded and she jumped to the top rank in her class!

She was also curious about Jesus, the God her instructor, Abulam Deban, worshiped. So he told her about the love of Jesus. She told her family about the love of Christ, and soon, the entire family realized their need for Him.

All throughout Asia, students like Janty, are meeting with tutors who help them pass those tough exams, while at the same time, learning about the God who loves them, no matter what grades they get in school.