Namita has a scar on her neck from the time she seared her throat with a hot iron rod to try and alleviate the pain from the tumor.

Namita Patel’s neck hurt from the tumor developing in her throat. She didn’t pay attention to the pain at first, but over time it became worse. She sought the help of doctors, but they told her she would need surgery to remove it. They weren’t 100 percent positive the problem could be fixed, even with the operation.

The doctors’ discouraging words caused Namita to lose hope and sink into a depression. When the pain became too excruciating to bear, she took drastic action. Namita placed a hot iron rod on the tumor in her throat, hoping it would burn off the tumor and bring relief. But it didn’t. Instead, things got worse.

When Namita’s family found her after she burned herself, she was lying unconscious; they thought she was dead.

While recuperating from searing her neck, Namita was taken to a GFA-supported pastor serving in her village. A believer who knows Namita encouraged her to allow the pastor to pray for her. Karunakar Madevi, the pastor, and the local Women’s Fellowship prayed for Namita, asking the Lord to give her relief from the pain. By God’s grace and through prayers, the pain immediately subsided. Because of this, Namita now regularly attends Karunakar’s worship services and the Women’s Fellowship meetings. She strongly believes Jesus will one day completely heal her and take away the tumor.