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Millions of Pakistanis are facing total devastation after floodwaters inundated their country in August. The World Health Organization reports that more than 15 million people are affected by the disaster.
In some parts of Pakistan, the floodwaters are receding enough for people to come home and survey the damage, which is extensive.
For most families, there is very little left of their homes and possessions.
Gospel for Asia-supported workers have made their way into these villages, bringing food, clothing, medicine and the hope of Jesus.
One of the greatest needs is food and water. These Pakistanis were grateful for a hot meal served by our workers.
They distributed emergency relief packets that contained local food supplies.
Each recipient also received a large bag of rice, the main staple of the local diet in this area of Pakistan.
The teams also gave out clean clothing to replace what was washed away in the flood.
The workers even brought some candy along for the kids—a sweet treat during this time of turmoil.
In each village, one of the workers took time to share how to find true hope. Many people were touched by his counsel, especially after seeing that Christians had come to help them.
The workers didn't just simply hand out the necessities and leave. They took time to listen to the people's stories and pray for them. The recipients were so grateful there was someone who cared enough to listen to them.
With their homes ruined, their crops flooded and their future hanging in the balance, the people of Pakistan will need practical help for many years to come. GFA-supported workers are committed to working with these suffering people for as long as it takes to restore their lives.
date posted 09/02/2010

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