The 25 Sunday school teachers who participated in the seminar got to be students again as they learned from their leaders (seated).

For three days in February, 25 Sunday school teachers from GFA-supported congregations became students again.

These teachers traveled from different parts of their state for a training seminar, which equipped them to train all the other GFA Sunday school teachers in the state. They learned action songs and skits and received helpful information about children. During some sessions, they split up into five groups to engage with each other, and they also had a few friendly competitions.

The pastor leading the training challenged the teachers to wholeheartedly commit to their work of educating children and exhorting them to honor God. He and the other leaders request prayer for the following:

  • God to bless the 25 participants as they attempt to teach the other teachers in the state.
  • Receptivity for the teachers who are going to receive training.
  • God’s favor for the state Sunday school leader.