While Sabrani cooked, a flame caught hold of her clothing and spread over her body.

Yahvi encouraged her to attend the prayer meetings at her church, knowing that even years later, Jesus could restore her daughter’s body.

Yahvi Sarin, 50, watched as AIDS took over her husband’s life. She pleaded with her gods and goddesses, but to no avail. In desperation, she sought the help of a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary.

She asked him to pray for her ailing husband, hoping for healing. The missionary, Daha Bhatnagar, prayed and shared the Gospel with her. But Yahvi’s husband still suffered, and she didn’t get the miracle she hoped for.

Daha continued to share the love of Christ with her and often visited Yahvi and her husband, encouraging them in the Lord. Gradually, Yahvi’s faith in the gods of her past faded and belief in the Almighty God arose. Even after her husband died, nothing could shake the growing love she had for the One who deeply loved her—this was the miracle God had for her.

Flames Wither Body
This newfound devotion stirred her daughter’s heart toward Christ. When Yahvi’s daughter, Sabrani, was 20 years old, the left side of her body caught on fire while she prepared dinner for her family. The cooking flame caught the corner of her sari, a South Asian garment consisting of yards of fabric wrapped around the body. The fire quickly spread over the sari, engulfing her body and leaving her left leg and hand severely burned and withered.

Sabrani lived with this deformation for years until her mother, Yahvi, started sharing the Good News of Christ and His healing power with her. Yahvi encouraged her to attend the prayer meetings at her church, knowing that even years later, Jesus could restore her daughter’s body.

When Sabrani and Yahvi arrived at the church, they sought Pastor Daha for prayer. He applied oil and asked the Lord to heal her leg and hand. As he prayed, Sabrani felt a sensation come over her withered body. After the prayer meeting was over, Daha sent her home with the oil, asking her to apply it every day and to continue praying with him for healing. Within a month, the Lord completely restored Sabrani’s scarred body! Seeing this miracle, she and her husband put their faith in Christ and began following Him. Now they worship with Yahvi at Pastor Daha’s church.

Money Wasted
Gagan also serves at Daha’s church. But four years ago, he was at the temples of his gods and goddesses searching for healing.

Gagan often fell sick. As a building contractor, he earned a good living, but his money was spent trying to find a treatment for his sickness. Yet his condition remained the same no matter how much he spent.

When Gagan met Pastor Daha, he asked him to pray for his health. Daha took the opportunity to share about Christ’s love with the ailing man. After realizing how much Christ gave up for him, Gagan decided to put his trust in the Lord. In the following days, God healed Gagan of his sickness, and now his faith is growing.

These miracles all happened because Daha is faithful to share about Christ’s love. He has been serving on the mission field since graduating from a GFA-supported Bible college in 2003. His church continues to grow, and he is seeing more and more hearts softening toward the love of Christ.