The Lord blessed Kevi and Tara with a healthy baby girl after they had prayed for a child for several years.

Like Abraham and Sarah, Gospel for Asia missionary Hari Ranak and his wife, Tara, spent many years unable to have a child—yet desiring one deeply. The Lord had already brought them through so much, and they knew that if it was His will, they would conceive.

The couple had a joyous wedding 13 years before, but soon after they had settled into married life, Tara’s mental health began failing. And for the next eight years, her mind only worsened. Following the traditional religion of their village, Hari prayed to his gods, but Tara did not get better.

With every ounce of peace and joy drained from his heart, Hari did not know where to turn. This was when he met GFA missionary Kevi Param. Kevi shared about a hope Hari had never heard of—the hope found in Jesus.

Hari started attending the church where Kevi served as pastor. He slowly began to understand the Gospel message, and one day received the love of Christ fully into his life.

As time went on, Hari felt the Lord’s call on his life to serve as a missionary, and he enrolled in a GFA Bible college. Although Tara’s mental health did not improve and his brother got cancer, Hari trusted the Lord and stayed in Bible college.

Fervently praying to God for both his brother and his wife, Hari knew that nothing was out of God’s control. Then, things began to change.

Although the doctors had given up all hope for Hari’s brother, the Lord completely healed him. And soon, Tara’s mind recovered as well.

As a result of seeing the Lord’s power in her life, Tara decided to follow Christ, too. And she began serving the Lord with her husband.

Once Hari graduated from Bible college, he and Tara went to Goa, India, to start their ministry. They followed the Lord faithfully in sharing the Gospel and reaching out to the people for many years.

But still, they had no children.

Remembering how God had answered their prayers and taken care of them so many times in the past, Hari and Tara gave the issue to Him. They regularly prayed that if it was the Lord’s will, He would bless them with a child.

In the fall of 2006, God greatly answered their prayers. Tara gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The couple praised His name for the miracle of their child, and now serve in Goa as a family.

Hari and Tara ask that the Lord will continue to use the family’s ministry to bring more people to Himself.

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