GFA missionaries are often called in to pray for the sick.

Not too long ago, Viplav held burning coals in his hands and tried to eat them. Today, he has a fire in his spirit—a new kind of fire kindled by his Savior.

After 22 years of demonic attacks, Jesus freed Viplav when a Gospel for Asia native missionary in Madhya Pradesh prayed for him. Now he, too, serves the Lord.

Viplav’s family had seen him suffer horrible things during those awful years. He screamed, he beat people, he threw things with no regard for consequences. When his behavior became uncontrollable, his family made the decision to chain him up like an animal. He remained in the chains for two months.

So when Viplav’s family saw the change that Jesus made, they were so amazed that they all chose to follow Christ, too.

Viplav is just one of many people in Madhya Pradesh, India to receive healing as a result of the fervent prayer of a Gospel for Asia missionary. Ramnu Singh had a persistent ear infection for three years. Premla Ram was a wife and mother of three children when a mental illness reduced her to roaming around and hiding in caves. Bala Kush was only 40 when a crippling illness slowly and painfully twisted his body, leaving him bedridden.

Ramnu turned to doctors, then sorcery. Still, nothing relieved his ear pain.

But each of these precious people were healed after encountering Gospel for Asia missionary Samir Mahendra and the power of God.

Samir, who is just one of dozens of GFA missionaries in Madhya Pradesh, has witnessed several miraculous healings firsthand. Before meeting Samir, Ramnu, Premla and Bala had tried everything they knew to find relief from their sicknesses.

Ramnu turned to doctors, then sorcery. Still, nothing relieved his ear pain.

Premla’s husband took her to sorcerers too, but the dark chants and rituals—even over a year’s time—couldn’t free her from the mental illness.

Bala’s family went into debt trying to find a cure. Finally, someone told his family to go to the missionary for prayer—maybe Samir’s God could heal him.

When Samir met Bala and saw his extreme condition, his first reaction was that it couldn’t be fixed. It was so severe that he wondered how even the Lord could make him well! But he trusted God’s word and prayed in faith. Incredibly, within just a week, Bala’s body was healed. His limbs weren’t painfully twisted anymore.

Many people come to GFA missionaries as a last resort for healing.

The families of Ramnu and Premla also turned to Samir as a last resort. After Samir prayed, they too were healed.

After seeing the love and power of Jesus at work, Ramnu, Premla and Bala, along with their families chose to follow Him.

Simar asks for prayer that the Lord will continue to use his prayer ministry to bring people to know Christ, and that the new Christians will follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

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