Maalai and Mita aren’t only seen sharing God’s love on street corners; they also go house-to-house, distribute Gospel literature and work with children.

After receiving prayers from a group of Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries, Bishri and Namita experienced miracles some would think came straight out of the Bible.

Bishri’s Miracle
Bishri never walked. The 7-year-old boy was lame from birth. His parents had given up any hope for healing until they heard the angelic voices of GFA-supported women missionaries Maalai Rao and Mita Jhadav worshiping Jesus in song on a street corner in their village. The desperate parents listened to the missionaries sing and also preach about the God who became flesh and came down to die on a cross for the sins of the world. They went up to the ladies and asked them to pray for their young son, and Maalai and Mita did.

For three months, the missionaries continually lifted Bishri up to the Lord, pleading for his healing. Then one day, Bishri miraculously began to walk. Bishri’s parents marveled at the miracle and the God who had touched their son. Seeing God’s grace and mercy upon their child, their lives were completely changed. Today, they faithfully follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and Bishri continues to walk confidently in his healing.

Namita’s Miracle
Maalai and Mita also prayed for Namita, a 55-year-old woman whose eye sight had deteriorated to the point of leaving her blind. The woman walked in darkness for two years. When the missionaries prayed for Namita, the Lord opened her eyes to see. Because of this miracle, Namita gave her life to Christ. Her husband and two other relatives also came to know Jesus because of the miracle.

Women Missionaries Changing Lives
Maalai and Mita continue to see miracles happen as they serve the Lord. They are being used by God to change the lives of many people.

Just like Maalai and Mita, other women missionaries are able to connect with people—especially women—in ways a male missionary can’t. Through them come more opportunities to share the love of Christ.

Please pray for Maalai and Mita as they continue to serve the Lord in unreached areas. Pray also for other women missionaries just like them who give their lives to see more and more reached by God’s grace.