The people of Bhutan rigidly follow traditional religions. “Prayer flags” are placed in front of temples in hopes that the winds will blow the people’s prayers up to the gods.

Carefully placing the heavy film equipment into their packs, Gospel for Asia missionaries Amil and Dileshwar prepare to leave. It’ll be a long trip on foot, because they don’t own bicycles, and there’s no public transportation out here.

They don’t mind the backbreaking journey that’s ahead of them. All they can think of is reaching even more extremely remote villages for Christ in Bhutan, a country where less than one percent of the people are Christian. And every time they show the film about the life of Jesus, people are changed.

On a recent trip to show the film, Amil and Dileshwar trekked into one of the most unreached areas of their country. In bondage to their traditional gods, the people fearfully offered animal sacrifices to avoid the wrath of these deities. They had no hope for salvation until these missionaries selflessly walked miles through the dense forests to reach them.

As dusk drew near, 175 people flocked to the dusty clearing to see what was showing on the simple cloth screen. And out of the large crowd, not even one person had ever seen a movie about Jesus.

When the final scene ended with the Savior ascending into heaven, many people wanted to know more about the Gospel. And four people chose to follow Christ that very night.

As a result of the film showing, there is now a small Christian fellowship gathering to worship the Lord. Amil and Dileshwar rejoice as they see how eager the people are to learn more about Christ and follow Him more deeply.

So remembering how thirsty this village was to hear of Christ, the missionaries press on to share the Gospel story with more who have never heard. Hoisting the large packs filled with a projector, film screen and sound equipment, Amil and Dileshwar know that this next hike through Bhutan will be worth every step.

Amil and Dileshwar hike through the forested mountains of Bhutan so they can show a film about the life of Jesus to those who have never heard.

Amil and Dileshwar ask for prayer that they will have energy to walk deep into rural areas to show the film about the life of Jesus. They also request prayer that more people will follow the path to eternal life through their ministry.

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