Manjushri, like this woman, received prayer from a GFA-supported missionary. Through the faithful prayers of him and his congregation, the Lord healed her!

Manjushri and her family now worship Jesus at Pastor Govind’s church.

Manjushri’s family was at a loss: They did not understand what was causing her strange illness. But when a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary shared God’s love with them, the Lord solved their predicament.

Immigrants from another nation in South Asia, Manjushri Dutta and her family faced many challenges in adjusting to their new country. They moved from place to place to find good jobs and worked hard just to earn enough money to feed themselves.

Although they worshiped various gods and goddesses, they experienced many hardships—and they also had the problem of Manjushri’s mysterious illness. Their neighbors and relatives advised them to take her to a hospital. But when they took Manjushri to a hospital, the doctors couldn’t discern what was wrong with her. They suggested that her family find a better hospital for her, but they couldn’t afford to do so.

Manjushri’s health declined day by day. As a last resort, the family went to different pilgrimage sites and offered sacrifices to gods and goddesses. Still, her condition did not improve. Her pitiful state made even her neighbors desperate to find a cure. They encouraged the family to take her to a church.

Sadly, Manjushri’s family could not find a single church nearby, but Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Govind Rao heard about their problems and found them.

When he saw Manjushri, he realized she was possessed by an evil spirit. He prayed for her and encouraged the family to look to Jesus. In addition, he asked his congregation to fast and pray for Manjushri for the next two days. Manjushri came to their prayer meetings, and when the believers started to pray and worship, the Holy Spirit set her free from the demon.

Manjushri’s deliverance astonished her relatives and neighbors and also led to another amazing transformation: Manjushri and her family started attending the church, and they chose to follow Jesus! In a time when help seemed elusive, God brought a missionary to show this family that He cared for them.