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Three congregations in one South Asia state all dedicated new church buildings during May, 2010. And each church has a unique story about waiting for their church building.
Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anish Thanglet began sharing the love of God in one district of this state in 2009. The congregation didn't have a building to meet in, so a rented house doubled as their church building.
But their predicament didn't last long. Just eight months later, they dedicated a brand-new church building.
During the building dedication ceremony, the congregation shared a special word of thanks to the Christians around the world who helped purchase the land and provide materials to build the church.
In another area of the same state, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary K.L. Terangpi began sharing God's love in a village in 2008. They also met for worship in a small house. Pastor Terangpi's outreach to the tribal people in this area bore fruit almost immediately and soon there were 86 people in the church he established!
This congregation needed a church building, too, but it took almost four years for them to get one! Purchasing land in the village where Terangpi works is difficult because it's customary for families to retain the land through multiple generations. It strongly goes against tradition to sell the land outside of the family.
In a part of the state famous for its tea gardens, one congregation—the very first one established there—patiently and faithfully prayed for two years that God would bless them with land and funds to put a church building on it. God heard their prayers and they, too, celebrated at the dedication of their new church building in May.
Now they have plenty of space to worship the Lord! "We thank God with heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors since it was by their help and support that we have this church building," one church member said.
Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Mukut Patro moved to this state in 2006 and began ministering to those who work in the area's tea gardens. There were no churches in this area at all.
People began responding to the message of God's love and soon Mukut was the pastor of a church of 30 believers. They crowded into small homes to worship the Lord. They wanted a church building, too, but faced obstacles obtaining land.
God answered their prayers, and they also dedicated their church building in May. The church is a simple structure that fits well into the surroundings and is appropriate for the culture.
Now these new Christians gather in their own church building to praise and worship Jesus each week. This church building is a testimony of God's love and faithfulness to His people.
date posted 09/27/2011

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