More than 2,000 youths attended the three-day conference.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Daniel J. spoke at a three-day youth meeting where 1,500 people were expected to show up. Here is his first-hand report of the event:

The meeting was to start on Friday evening, and by Friday morning, it was apparent that all expectations would be surpassed on how many would come. For the first night, more than 2,000 young men and women came, some of them travelling up to eight hours to reach the conference. It was an awesome sight to see the 2,000 young men and women sitting on the floor singing, worshiping and listening to the Word of God.”

Two Miracles
“There were two things we specifically prayed for. One was for good weather because it was raining all week, and the other was that there would not be a lot of disturbances in our meetings because of the religious festivals happening that weekend. Usually during these festivals, celebrations in the form of loud music and fireworks go on day and night for almost the entire week.

I was able to see so many young men and women ready to be witnesses for Jesus in their generation.

God answered both of these prayers wonderfully! The whole time I was there, there was no rain. In fact, it was really hot! Also during these meetings, there was no disturbance from the celebrations. Not only that, there was not even a single firework burst for the celebration in and around the area! Praise God for His intervention!”

“The first session on Friday evening, I spoke on the prodigal son and called these young men and women back to Christ. About 70 of them responded to the salvation message.

Many young men and women dedicated their lives to Christ at this event.

The second day, we had a morning session devoted to learning about the Holy Spirit and how He helps us resist sin. God’s Spirit moved powerfully among these young men and women, and our pastors went around praying for these young people to be filled with the Spirit.

For the evening session of the second day, we taught on forgiveness. And on the third day we challenged the youth to think about the Great Commission.

It was a fantastic experience for me, and I was able to see so many young men and women ready to be witnesses for Jesus in their generation. It was also an opportunity for me to recognize how God has raised up this ministry to reach thousands of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ—not just in this area but also in their neighboring states and other countries.

As I look back at those meetings, I can see God is powerfully moving in the area, and I’m glad I could witness it firsthand. Through me, I believe you can also have a glimpse of God’s work.”