A GFA-supported team, like the one pictured here, spent three days sharing God’s love by giving out Gospel tracts in the local marketplace, showing a movie about the life of Christ and praying for those who had needs.

The film team workers, like this missionary, know praying for people is a powerful way to show them Jesus cares.

Reaching Nepali villages with the Gospel is no easy task. In this land dominated by the Himalaya Mountains, traveling anywhere takes planning, lots of trekking and plenty of perseverance.

A Gospel for Asia Women’s Fellowship group raised the money to send a Gospel for Asia film team to one certain area of Nepal known for its mountainside villages—and curvy, dangerous roads. The women wanted to give the people in this area an opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus and knew that sending a film team is an efficient way to share the message.

A normal GFA-supported film team is comprised of two to four workers, but due to the complexity of the area where they were going to work—and the short time they set aside to be there—12 workers joined together for the task.

The team chose to work in the location to help GFA-supported missionary Madhab Koirala, who has a small fellowship of about 25 believers. The team arrived at their first destination at 2 p.m. and went into the small town’s busy market area where they distributed hundreds of Gospel tracts and New Testaments. One of the men began preaching the Good News, which attracted an audience. About 450 people heard the Gospel that day.

Rather than going out into the marketplace to greet throngs of shoppers, the team spent the next day ministering to one individual family. The family’s adult son, Rastriya Tamang, had been suffering from a disease that attacked his mental capacity. Team members spent most of the day with him and his family. They earnestly prayed for Rastriya, which was a tremendous encouragement to the family.

The next day, the team was back out in the community distributing tracts and telling people about the love of Jesus. At noon, the team set up their equipment inside a local community center to show the film Naya Goreto, a Nepali-made movie about the life of Christ. Many came to watch the show, including a local official who allowed them to use the community center. He was so impressed with the movie that he asked for a copy of it so he could show his family.

Later that afternoon, the film team conducted a Gospel meeting at Pastor Koirala’s church. At the conclusion of the meeting, the team announced they would be showing the Naya Goreto film again that same evening. At 7:30 p.m., more than 150 people showed up to watch the movie.

After three days of sharing God’s love with people, it was time to trek back home. The team members are now praying for much fruit from their three-day visit and eagerly anticipate reports from Pastor Koirala about the growth of the church.