Pastor Ramratan and his wife were married only recently, in May.

Pastor Bhaiya, only 21 years old, served the Lord among the most unreached.

“I was totally changed when Christ became my best friend, and I was renewed with His love.” - Bhaiya

Three Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries went to be with the Lord on September 9. Brother Mohan Babu served the Lord as a GFA film team member. On September 2, he became severely ill and, after a week in the hospital, Mohan passed away.

Two other missionaries died later that day in a car crash. Ramratan Yaswant, 34, and Bhaiya Lal Samlu Warkade, 21, were traveling by truck to a pastors’ meeting. They were driving at night in heavy rain on flooded roads. The missionaries’ truck hit a bus and flipped over, killing them instantly.

Ministry through Movies
As a member of a GFA film team, Mohan traveled throughout South Asia showing a movie about the life of Christ. Often entire villages hear the Gospel in one showing of the film, and many come to Christ and are healed or delivered from demons. Doctors have not yet determined the cause of the illness that led to his death. Please pray for comfort and strength for Mohan’s film team, as they must continue the work without his help.

A Pastor Who Could Relate
Ramratan was the pastor of a church when he died. He was a newlywed and leaves behind his wife of only four months. Ramratan grew up in a family that followed a traditional Asian religion. He zealously practiced all the customs of his religion but never had any peace.

When Ramratan’s only sister fell prey to a demon and became sick, the family desperately sought a cure—they even turned to witchcraft. Her condition only worsened.

During this difficult time, a pastor from a nearby church came and explained the Gospel to their family. The family believed Jesus had the power to save Ramratan’s sister, and when the pastor prayed for her, the Lord delivered her from the evil spirit! Ramratan’s whole family gave their lives to Christ, and Ramratan committed himself to serving the Lord all his life.

After graduating from a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college, he ministered to the most unreached. He was able to relate to their pain and suffering because he lived under the same spiritual bondage they lived under.

With His Best Friend
Bhaiya had completed Bible college and was training to become a missionary when he died.

Like Ramratan, he grew up fervently practicing a traditional religion, but it left him empty and in search of spiritual truth. Bhaiya’s mother died early in his childhood, and his father squandered his income on alcohol.

A few years later, Bhaiya’s uncle began discipling him in the ways of the Lord. As soon as Bhaiya understood the love and forgiveness found in Christ, he gave all of himself to the Lord. He sensed the Lord’s calling to the mission field and went to a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college before training to become a missionary. According to his testimony, Bhaiya was “totally changed when Christ became his best friend.”

Please ask God to give comfort and strength to these three missionaries’ families. Please pray especially for Pastor Ramratan’s congregation and for his widow.