Anasuya's dreams had been shattered when she realized that the man she had married was addicted to alcohol. Day after day Puneet came home drunk. He frequently beat Anasuya and neglected to care for the needs of his family. When their newborn baby became ill, Puneet and his wife Anasuya were at a point of utter despair. They consulted with many doctors but were unable to find a cure.

One day Puneet met Gospel for Asia missionary Lakshman and his wife Shireen. He told them about his addiction to alcohol, his sick baby and the hopelessness and emptiness he felt inside. The couple shared the Gospel with Puneet and told him Jesus was the only one who could deliver him from all his difficulties and problems.

The following Sunday Puneet came to Lakshman's church. During the service the congregation joined together and prayed for Puneet and his family. While they were praying, Puneet was convicted by the Holy Spirit and gave his life to the Lord.

Later that week in a prayer meeting, Puneet and his wife testified how Jesus had changed their lives. Puneet was set free from his drinking habit, their baby Sevanty was miraculously healed, and for the first time their lives were filled with joy and peace.