Naveen received healing after a seven-day fasting prayer at a GFA-supported missionary's church.

Naveen Rao raised his hand to his head. He couldn't feel the bulge the size of a lemon anymore. For 20 years he lived with a brain tumor, but now, after the prayer of a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, Naveen had God to praise for healing him of his pain.

Naveen was a laborer. His family depended on him for their provision. He had never paid much attention to the tumor on the back of his head. It was hardly a cause for him to skip work and have his family struggle to find food to eat.

Years had passed, and Naveen continued on with his life, until one day, a sudden rush of pain surged through his head. Day by day, the pain continued to increase, making it impossible for Naveen to work. He stayed at home, hardly capable of doing anything. There wasn't enough money to provide medical treatment, so Naveen endured the suffering.

His hope was dwindling until GFA-supported missionary Pastor Rujul Nayar visited Naveen's home. He told the family about God's love and shared the Gospel. He then invited them to attend a seven-day fasting prayer that was going to take place at his church.

Naveen and his family went the very next day for prayer. It was there that Naveen received healing! When Pastor Rujul's wife shared a vision she had received from God about a person's tumor, Naveen believed he could be healed. He placed his hand on his head and prayed for the Lord to restore him back to complete health. By the time he finished praying, the pain had resided and the tumor had vanished!

Naveen stood amazed at witnessing the power of the one true God. He and his family have since turned from their false religion and now serve Jesus Christ.