Like this young woman worshipping at a GFA Bible college in Kerala, Vincy and many others in her village have been radically changed by Christ’s hope.

Twelve people in Kerala, India, were on a quest. They had heard that Gospel for Asia missionary Anand Rao was fasting and praying to his God. They wanted to know if this God had the power to deliver Vincy of health issues that were too great for doctors. If she was healed, they were all prepared to receive Jesus as Savior!

They were on their way to Anand’s church now.

As they traveled, Vincy struggled for breath. She had suffered from asthma for 25 years. Even though her family had taken her to many doctors, none had been able to help her. Finally Vincy’s husband, an alcoholic, gave up, refusing to take her to any more doctors.

So she went on suffering, making it as best she could … until today.

Today Vincy’s asthma was different … worse than usual. She suddenly had severe pain in her veins and was unable to breathe properly. A few neighbors felt compassion for Vincy and took her to the hospital.

The doctor examined Vincy carefully but was unable to determine exactly what was going on in her body, let alone provide relief for her. But since he was a Christian, he suggested they take her to a pastor for prayer.

They wanted to see if the God Anand prayed to could heal their neighbor’s sickness.

The group found out about the fasting and prayer taking place at Anand’s church and went to see for themselves. They wanted to see if the God Anand prayed to could heal their neighbor’s sickness.

Anand shared about Jesus and, along with believers in his church, prayed with fervor for Vincy. As they prayed, they discovered that there were dark spiritual forces troubling the struggling woman. The Lord chose to deliver Vincy from the demonic oppression through their prayers.

Because of this miracle, Vincy and three families received Christ and began attending Anand’s church. Vincy’s husband started attending the church as well—and even began trying to quit his alcohol addiction.

Another amazing thing happened in this family’s life when the couple’s 20-year-old daughter found deliverance. Like her mother, Sulekha had suffered from asthma for a good portion of her life. She lived in another area and would on occasion return home to visit. On one visit, her parents noticed some alarming changes in her behavior and took her to Anand for prayer.

Anand could discern from Sulekha’s behavior that she, too, suffered from demon possession. As he prayed, the Lord in His mercy completely delivered Sulekha.

Pray that each believer in this Kerala village will grow daily in Christ and show His love and power to those around them who still need Jesus. Lift up Vincy’s husband, for salvation and complete deliverance from his alcohol addiction through the power of Christ.