A woman who is unable to bear children is subject to significant scorn in Indian culture.

Basli Chaumar had been married for five years but didn’t yet have children. Being childless was a source of great shame for this young woman, who lives in Rajasthan, India. Her grief was compounded when she twice gave birth to stillborn babies.

Her unsympathetic husband kicked her out, and she returned to live with her parents in her native village.

Gospel for Asia missionary Dayal Prasad Masih is pastor of a small church in that village. He met Basli when she came to one of the prayer meetings he conducts at the church. When he heard her sad story, he prayed for her, and suggested she seek reconciliation with her husband. The two were able to get back together for a short time. But her husband forced yet another breakup.

Basli once again found herself living with her parents and attending services at Dayal’s church. Shortly after moving back to her home, she learned she was pregnant. She was fearful to again lose her child, so she began praying earnestly for the baby in her womb and trusting God for a miracle. Dayal and the other Christians in the church also prayed for the mother and child.

Imagine her delight when she gave birth to twin baby boys! When her husband heard the news, he immediately asked his wife to come back to their home. He is now overcome with grief and guilt for not caring for Basli when she was pregnant.

The Chaumar family asks for prayer that the baby boys would grow up healthy. Basli also asks for prayer that her husband will come to know the Lord and that she will have more opportunities to share Christ.