As God answers missionaries’ prayers, many lives in South Asia are changed forever.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries Bhavi and Dipan are the pastors of two growing churches in South Asia. They have seen God’s power in the lives of many people in their congregations.

Giri’s Story
Giri suffered from ongoing kidney stone problems. After six operations failed to cure him—but succeeded in using up nearly all of his money—Giri didn’t know what to do. The unbearable pain of kidney stones seemed to have triumphed over his efforts for relief.

It was then that Giri heard about the church where Pastor Bhavi served. He approached with great hope, and after Pastor Bhavi and the other believers prayed, the Lord healed Giri. With great joy and thankfulness, Giri and his family chose to serve the Lord.

Meenu’s Story
Meenu and his wife received an equally powerful miracle in their lives. After years of marriage, they had no children and were looked down upon by society. Their empty home was a shame as well as an unfulfilled longing. But when they heard of Jesus’ loving power from a GFA-supported Bible college student, they had new hope! They went to visit Pastor Dipan, who explained God’s promises to them.

With new faith, Meenu and his wife prayed with Pastor Dipan, and the Lord blessed them with a baby boy. Like Giri’s family, Meenu and his wife now serve the Lord wholeheartedly after seeing his merciful answers to their prayers.