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Kunjamma has seven children and a piglet. Thanks to the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog, the gift of the piglet will help her care for her children.
She and her husband worked in fields, but they also scavenged nearby forests to find kindling and things to sell, trying to make ends meet.
When the piglet is grown, she will make plenty of money to be able to pay for her children's clothing and school needs.
Ranuga lives in the same village. He goes from town to town buying vegetables from farmers and selling them to shoppers. Until recently, he had to walk all the time, pulling this cart. "With my cart, I would leave home at 3 a.m. and reach the market at 7 a.m.," he explains.
He once had a bicycle, but it was stolen. There was no way he could afford to replace it. "I barely make enough money for food. I couldn't save money for another bike," he said. But this year, his GFA–supported pastor provided him with a new bicycle from the Gift Catalog.
"The Lord understood my problems," Ranuga says gratefully. "I thank the Lord for giving me this bicycle."
Now Ranuga can afford an education for his four children.
Another believer from this village, Amitab, received a piglet from his GFA–supported pastor. "This piglet brings promises of better living when it grows," said Amitab. "We are poor people and by giving us this piglet, these friends have helped us a lot."
Besides some farm work, Amitab and even his children sometimes had to search their village for daily-wage jobs. Often he would only find work once or twice a week.
"When there are lots of pigs, we'll be doing good—they'll become our source of income," Amitab said. "All our children's education, clothing and other needs will be met with these pigs."
date posted 12/18/2009