Once despairing because of her husband’s alcoholism and the strange sicknesses that afflicted her family, Saheli now worships Jesus and knows His peace.

Saruprani made Jesus the Lord of her life after He healed her of a difficult illness.

Saheli and Saruprani both worship among the congregation of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Bibek Rangan. Although these two believers are at different stages of life, they have both experienced struggles related to mysterious illnesses and alcoholic loved ones. More importantly, they both found what they desperately needed: hope.

Family Freed from Sickness and Shame
Before Saheli chose to follow Jesus in 2006, her household lacked peace. Her husband’s drinking brought heavy burdens upon her family. Her children misbehaved, lacking respect for Saheli. Her husband acted like an animal when he came home after drinking.

Another problem plagued Saheli’s family. Whenever anyone in her family became ill, the sickness would last for an exorbitant amount of time—even months. Saheli’s neighbors blamed her and mocked her for these odd, oppressive bouts of illness.

One day as he was sharing the Good News with people, Bibek met Saheli. Desperate for an end to her troubles, she explained her plight to Bibek. He encouraged her by sharing from God’s Word and prayed for her husband.

In a miraculous answer to Bibek’s prayers, Saheli’s husband stopped drinking!

Saheli started coming to church services and chose to follow Christ. Then her husband started having regular chest pain and was diagnosed with a heart problem.

Although Saheli had to borrow money for the operation, God answered her prayers for her husband’s speedy healing.

The strange sicknesses in Saheli’s family ceased. A household once in turmoil now enjoyed peace through Saheli’s decision to follow Christ.

Another Miraculous Healing
Saruprani experienced similar hardships. She contracted a mysterious illness. As she grew paler and weaker each day, her body would not respond to any of the medical treatments.

Some students from a GFA-supported Bible college used to visit homes in Saruprani’s neighborhood, and her mother had actually been attending services at Bibek’s church, which is affiliated with the Bible college. When Saruprani’s mother told the students about her daughter’s condition, they went to pray for her. As soon as they left, Saruprani realized that God healed her!

After witnessing this miracle, Saruprani knelt beside her bed and chose to give her heart to Jesus. Her family still faces challenges, including alcoholism, but she and her mother both worship Jesus as their Savior.

Pastor Bibek requests prayer for Saheli’s and Saruprani’s families and for God’s provision in their lives.