Vasuman and Nivas were showing a film about Jesus when anti-Christian extremists put a stop to the show.

On May 23, Vasuman Jayaraman, a Gospel for Asia-supported film-team missionary, was working with GFA-supported pastor Nigam Pillai to show a movie about the life of Jesus in Nigam’s village.

But after they started showing the film, a group of anti-Christian extremists threatened both Vasuman and Nigam, telling them not to screen the movie in this village. Then the extremists turned off the projector and the generator. Knowing the extremists were prone to violence, Vasuman and Nigam packed up the film equipment to leave.

After disrupting the film show, the extremists went to the police station, where they accused Vasuman and Nigam of forcing people to convert to Christianity.

The police demanded that the missionaries come to the police station the following day.

When Vasuman and Nigam went to the police station, the police were surprised to see a third person with them—Nakshatra Rao, the village leader.

Because I requested, they came to screen the movie,” Nakshatra told the police. “They are not converting people forcefully.”

Hearing Nakshatra’s statement, the police realized that Vasuman and Nigam had done nothing wrong. They actually sent the anti-Christian extremists home with a warning for making a false accusation against the missionaries.

This is not the first time that GFA missionaries have experienced opposition while seeking to shine Jesus’ light through film. Please pray for God to protect all film-team missionaries and prosper their ministry.