Villagers know death could spring at them at any time from the silent but rebel-infested forests.

Five Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries are still working in an area of India where rebel Maoist groups are struggling for control. In spite of great danger, the missionaries have chosen to stay there, where they care for two churches, five small fellowships and a Bridge of Hope center.

Fear and violence spread by the Maoists reached a high point in June. In the last two months, the Maoists have gained control of several villages in that area.

With the tribal leaders receiving little help from their state government, they are questioning whether or not they would rather live under the control of the rebels.

However, either choice seems ghastly. With the Maoists encamped in the surrounding forest, anyone venturing near will most likely be shot and their body thrown into the wilderness. Government forces are placing landmines there to try to keep the rebels from penetrating any further.

In this situation, normal, daily activities are hard to carry out. The five missionaries are finding that the tense situation is greatly hindering their ability to minister to the people, but they won’t give up. Please pray that the Lord will intervene and bring peace in this situation.