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The cold weather won't stop these Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college students anymore. Now that they are equipped with new winter clothing, they can focus on their studies while they fend off the shivering cold.
Before receiving their gifts, this group of students and leaders gave thanks to the Lord for blessing them with warm sweaters just in time to fight off the cold weather.
It is difficult to focus when you are shivering. Most of these students don't have enough money to buy winter clothing, so these sweaters were a sweet blessing. "They are very happy," shared a GFA field correspondent. "This clothing helps them concentrate in their studies."
In one region of North India, temperatures can drop to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be considerably cold to those coming from the more tropical regions of their country. This group of Bible college students received sturdy jackets to keep them warm.
Bible college student Kamya Malik comes from a very poor family background. She arrived at the college with only two lightweight changes of clothing. Now she has a new set of winter clothing to add to her wardrobe!
When Danna Kapoor received her sweater, she was overwhelmed with joy! The gift was an added blessing and confirmation that the Lord is her comforter and provider in times of need, especially after going through a tough season of losing her father.
The Bible college students were so thankful for the much-needed gifts. "It is a pleasure to see the students coming to classes and taking part in other activities wearing the warm clothes they received," shared a GFA field correspondent.
date posted 10/25/2011

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