Water Filters Are Making an Incredible Difference

Originally published March 2016

"I barely remember a single week or month passing by for us without visiting a doctor and spending our minimal income for medicine. I and my family were badly and often exposed to waterborne and water-caused disease, because we were forced to use dirty and filthy water for cooking and drinking which was contaminated from an open well.

"Thus, we suffered stomach ache, jaundice, typhoid and diarrhea. At the same time, we were compelled to use an open pond, river or well water for bathing. Due to bathing in filthy water, skin infections occurred on our bodies. Other families, too, were suffering badly due to the use of contaminated and dirty water. My whole village will assert this truth.

Aanjay and his family (pictured) desperately needed clean water, and GFA-supported pastors in his region were able to give him a BioSand water filter, along with several other families.

Water Filters Are Making an Incredible Difference

"Along with receiving a filter, families also received health and hygiene training that works to significantly lower the incidence of waterborne illness. Medical science gives numerous details about uncountable bacteria, named microbes, pathogens or micro-organism in the water. These microbes can be worms.

"Now the villagers are getting purely filtered water for drinking. Since [BioSand water filters] were installed, all water-caused and water-borne diseases have ceased, and families got remedy from unnecessary medical expenses.

"Not only were the physical water needs of believers and villagers met, but also our inner thirst for love of the Lord and for one another too are being met very strongly. While these filters and training are making an incredible difference in the physical well-being of the recipients, many are also gaining the peace and freedom found in following Jesus Christ."
—Aanjay, a farmer in South Asia

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