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Daily life is difficult for the people in this South Asian village.
They live in simple homes and engage in farming and raise livestock to feed themselves. Their homes are built on stilts because they live near a major river that is prone to flooding.
There never seems to be the right amount of water in the village. It's either flooded from monsoon rains pouring out of the river banks or so dry that it's very hard to get even a bucket of water from the river.
A few people have their own personal wells, but they were not willing to let anyone else, especially the Christians, draw from them.
The water from the wells is not good quality either. It has an extremely high iron content and has to be filtered, which doesn't remove all the chemicals.
Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Naved Nair and his wife, Malati, are serving the Lord in this village. Seeing the lack of clean water, Naved encouraged the believers to pray and have faith that God will provide pure drinking water.
He also filed a request to a Gospel for Asia district office asking that the village receive a Jesus Well. They all prayed and waited patiently, and in 2009, their Jesus Well was drilled!
The people of this village are so grateful for their new well. The women no longer have to walk hours to get water; now they just go to the well that is near their own homes.
Because a Jesus Well is dug much deeper than any other well in the community, the water is cleaner, too. The water from the river would make people sick with worms, diarrhea or jaundice.
The livestock even enjoy the clean well water.
The well has had another positive effect on the village. Since he met their need for something as simple and basic as clean water, the people trust Pastor Nair to tell them about the Living Water—Jesus Christ.
Having experienced Christ's love through the gift of the Jesus Well, 12 people in the village chose to follow Jesus. Katina, one of the new believers, says, "We came to know the Lord ever since He answered our prayers and gave us this Jesus Well. Pastor Nair shared the love of God with us, and it is because of the Jesus Well that our faith in the Lord started taking root in our hearts."
Today there is a thriving Christian fellowship in this village. The people are so happy that they are now tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.
date posted 02/07/2011

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