God miraculously answered a widow’s prayers to provide for her daughter’s wedding.

At the end of a meeting in a believer’s home, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Bharat asked the Christians if anyone had prayer requests. Bharat and his wife prayed with each person for their various needs and sicknesses. But then, Marti came up to them.

Marti was a widow who had only recently come to know the Lord. As her husband had died, she didn’t have anyone taking care of her. Marti was facing the typical financial hardships that widows in Asia often go through.

Marti didn’t just want Pastor Bharat to pray for her financial situation. She had a more specific request: Her daughter was to be married, but Marti still needed 35,000 rupees (US$768) to finish paying for the wedding … which was to take place the very next day!

Pastor Bharat knew this widow’s prayer request was not selfish. Their culture places a high value on wedding celebrations, so having anything less would have brought shame to Marti and her family.

Although this large amount of money seemed daunting even to Pastor Bharat, he encouraged Marti to believe the Lord, and they prayed together. The pastor still wondered how it could happen in that short amount of time. They waited to see what the Lord would do.

The next day, Bharat and his wife went to join in the wedding reception. As they arrived at the house, they were taken aback as they saw wedding guests celebrating and everything going beautifully.

As soon as she heard the pastor had come, Marti ran out to tell him the amazing news.

After I came back from the prayer meeting, I was sitting in my house wondering how I was going to conduct this wedding,” she explained. “I believed God would do something for me! As it was getting dark, I saw an auto rickshaw stop in front of my house, and my brother came toward my home. He gave me the exact amount I had asked God for!”

God provided for this widow through her simple and unwavering faith. Pastor Bharat rejoiced with her, giving thanks to God.

He requests prayer that Marti would grow in her faith even more and become a great witness for the Lord who answered her prayers. Pray also for Marti’s daughter and her new husband, that they will grow in the Lord and have a marriage full of His blessings.