Natkuna received a cow a few weeks before Christmas—a truly practical gift for her and her family.

At only 32 years old, Natkuna Mehta is already a widow and a single mother of four. She had been praying for a cow to help provide for her children, and God used Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog to answer her prayer.

Natkuna came to know Jesus through her husband. Before her marriage, she faithfully worshiped many gods and goddesses. But she married a Christian who belonged to the congregation of GFA-supported missionary Ujwal Shah. Natkuna’s husband showed her the love of Christ, and she eventually chose to follow Jesus. God blessed their marriage with happiness and with four children—two sons and two daughters.

But in 2006, Natkuna’s husband fell ill with malaria. Because they lacked financial resources and access to proper medical treatment, he died.

Natkuna’s life took a challenging turn. Her husband’s death left her with four children under the age of five to take care of. With many questions about the future spinning in her mind, she felt anxious and helpless. She did find some work as a day laborer, but some days she had jobs and some days she didn’t. She used her meager earnings to feed her children.

During this trying time, Natkuna received spiritual support by participating in Pastor Ujwal’s prayer fellowship. Because Natkuna knew a cow would provide milk both for her family and to sell and make money, she diligently prayed, asking God for a cow. On December 8, Gospel for Asia hosted a Christmas gift distribution program in their community, and she finally received her cow!

Really God is a very good God to me who gave me this cow,” Natkuna says, very thankful for God’s answer to her prayers. “Now I will milk the cow and will nourish my family in a proper way. I praise God for His love and care.”