Now Dheemant’s head doesn’t stretch backwards every five seconds, and even better, his family knows Jesus.

Saral lived a contented life. He devoutly followed his traditional religion and seemed to be experiencing blessings because of his piety. He had a good job in a major city and provided a comfortable existence for his family.

But one day, his son Dheemant developed a disturbing problem. Every five seconds Dheemant’s head stretched backwards. This left his father feeling bewildered because he firmly believed the gods he worshiped could take care of his family.

Saral left no stone unturned in hopes of seeing his son cured. He went to sorcerers, but they could not heal Dheemant. Then he went to doctors, but all their knowledge, efforts and medicines could not remedy Dheemant’s strange problem, either.

Meanwhile, Dheemant’s condition was getting worse. Because the unnatural head movement stretched the boy’s neck muscles, Dheemant was left with excruciating neck pain.

When everything seemed to be going downhill, Saral and his family met Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Mihir Gavde. He listened to their problem and immediately prayed for Dheemant. That instant, God healed Dheemant: His head stopped turning!

Seeing God’s power and love made manifest, Saral and his family chose to follow Jesus and started regularly attending worship services at Mihir’s congregation. Pastor Mihir requests prayer for God to bless this family and use them to bless many others.