Pastor Tahir prayed for six days and three hours for Nalika’s healing.

Witchdoctors gave Nalika’s husband, Pankaj, amulets, like these, to put around her arms and legs in an effort to provide a cure.

This lady, like Nalika, was delivered from demon possession after much prayer.

Nalika Kadam could see the fear in the face of the woman who was washing her dishes at the well. As she walked closer, the lady suddenly hurried to finish before Nalika could reach her. She quickly gathered her things and began to hasten away when Nalika called after her.

Why are you running away from me?” Nalika asked the lady.

But Nalika already knew the answer. Almost a year ago, Nalika’s erratic behavior scared the entire village. Without warning, Nalika became possessed by an evil spirit—causing her to act like a lunatic. She bit people. She hurled stones and chased them with sticks and iron rods. She walked around naked, throwing off every piece of clothing and not allowing anyone to cover her up. Once, she even threw her nursing infant to the ground.

Her mental state worsened to the point of uncontrollability. Nalika’s relatives kept her chained to a post for their protection and for her own.

Nalika’s husband, Pankaj, tried his best to find a cure for his mad wife. He sold all his livestock to pay for medical treatments and spent all his earnings and savings on witchdoctors. They gave him bracelets with amulets inscribed with the names of gods and goddesses to put on her arms and legs, but despite all the religious rituals, Nalika continued to deteriorate.

With desperation and hopelessness, Pankaj sought help from Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, Tahir Chavan.

Pankaj went to Tahir’s house and pleaded with the pastor to come and pray for his wife’s healing.

Pastor Tahir encouraged him from God’s Word, sharing the story of the demon possessed man from the book of Mark, chapter 5. Then he gathered nine believers from his church and went to Pankaj’s house to pray for Nalika.

For three hours, Tahir and the believers continuously prayed for this young wife whose life had been so cruelly consumed.

The next day, Pastor Tahir visited Pankaj and Nalika. To his amazement, Nalika’s family had some good news about Nalika’s condition.

Since the day she became insane she had never slept so peacefully the entire night. She used to stay awake most of the time. But yesterday after the prayer, for the first time, she went to bed at 10 p.m. and woke up only at 6 a.m.,” they told him.

Encouraged by the report, Tahir told them that for the next six days he would continue to visit and pray for Nalika. On the third day, they noticed a remarkable improvement: Nalika was calm. They didn’t need to tie her hands with rope anymore for fear she would attack anyone who came too close.

As the days passed and prayer continued, God restored Nalika’s mental state to normal. Surprised by her healing, everyone in the village marveled to see her sane.

Nalika and her husband, Pankaj, committed their lives to Christ, and three others came to faith in the Savior through the miracle performed in Nalika’s life.

Because of God’s miraculous deliverance, Nalika could say to the fearful woman she encountered at the well, “I am no more a mad person. I have been healed by Jesus Christ. Now I am a normal person like you.”