A statue overlooks the crowded festival.

Staff and Bible college students shared the message of hope by handing out Gospel tracts.

The missionaries also set up a table, which had books about walking with Jesus.

Every year, thousands of people congregate in a South Asian town to see a vast array of animals. This town hosts a livestock festival that occurs for a few weeks each fall, and some Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries joined in the excitement to spread their enthusiasm for Jesus.

At this event, people trade various kinds of livestock—from chimpanzees to water buffalos to cats to ponies to bears to rabbits! Typical farm livestock, such as poultry, pigs and sheep, also are at the festival. But the biggest attraction there is the large number of elephants, which are often used for labor in this area.

GFA-supported missionaries decided to share the Good News at this fair. They prayed and planned, then grabbed their Gospel tracts and went to the festival on November 27.

For 12 hours, they shined the light of Christ for many people. The team, consisting of four Bible college students and six staff members, gave out approximately 6,000 Gospel tracts and 100 New Testaments. They also set up a book table for those interested in books about walking with the Lord.

The missionaries request prayer that those who received the literature will read it and experience God’s blessings through it.