Saroja, like this woman, experienced strong spiritual attacks after years of practicing witchcraft.

Witchcraft is as common as water in the village where Saroja and her husband live. The villagers practice witchcraft hoping it will give them permanent relief from the sickness and difficulties that plague their lives. They also believe worshiping their many gods and goddesses will help them attain a complete transformation in their bodies, minds and spirits.

But that wasn’t the case for Saroja. All of this spirit worship opened her up to demonic forces that took control. When Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Chellamani Rai found out about Saroja’s condition, he asked the family to bring her to a small church in their village. There the couple was met by a group of believers who prayed for Saroja’s freedom from the evil spirit’s attacks. The Lord answered their prayers and immediately delivered her!

Now Saroja and her husband attend Chellamani’s fellowship and are joyfully worshiping Jesus.

However, there is one thing that still burdens them: Saroja and her husband are yet to have a child, which in their culture is seen as a curse.

People are raising lots of questions about why they do not have children,” reported a GFA field correspondent. “Please pray the Lord will bless them with a child very soon, and that the entire village will recognize it as the work of Jesus.”