Many people have come to know the Lord through healings.

When he met Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Mihir, Jeevan Gupta’s body was covered with sores due to leprosy. He never imagined that a day would come when he could be cured of his agony and shame.

Mihir’s compassion for Jeevan overflowed after seeing his condition. He decided he would intercede and pray for Jeevan’s healing. For days upon days, the missionary and the believers in his church gathered to pray for Jeevan. After four months of persistent praying, Jeevan was finally healed of his skin disease!

Jeevan is only one of the people in this church who has a miraculous story to tell! Through Mihir’s ministry, many people have come to know the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lona Saxena, 38, is one of those who have experienced firsthand the miracles of God. She is a wife, mother of two and also a paralytic. She sought medical help for her condition, but no treatment was able to cure her. A Christian from Mihir’s church invited Lona and her family to attend services and also told them about Jesus and how he can cure all diseases.

When Mihir met Lona, he decided to lead a 15-day fasting and prayer meeting. It was during that meeting that the Lord put His mighty hand on Lona and healed her from paralysis.

Charu Mehra also experienced healing from brain cancer. For three months she searched out the care of hospitals, but nothing seemed to help rid her of her disease. She grew thin and pale and wasn’t able to eat or drink.

It was during those torturous months that she met a Christian from Mihir’s church who invited her to attend a church service.

After a week of constant praying, Charu’s condition greatly improved. She was able to start eating and drinking again, and her strength gradually returned.

Vinanti Malik, 50, was possessed by a demon. Out of embarrassment and fear, Vinanti’s husband deserted her. She was left alone, and depression began to sink in. When Mihir learned of Vinanti from one of the believers at his church, he began to pray. After a month of continuous prayers, the demon finally left her, leaving her to reclaim her life.

Daya Sarin is another woman affected by Mihir’s ministry. She and her husband, Gopal, had been married for 25 years but had no children. Their infertility made them a disgrace in their village. But after Mihir and the believers at his church prayed for them, they were able to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby boy!

Miracles are being seen throughout Asia, and the Lord is using Mihir to bring glory to His name among people who wouldn’t otherwise know about Him.