Similar to the women who reached out to Fulmala, this Women’s Fellowship team regularly visits families, teaches literacy classes for women, prays for the sick and shares the Gospel with those they meet.

Like Fulmala, this woman came to know the Lord because of the faithfulness of the Women’s Fellowship group.

Fulmala Ekaja’s life was changed on a day that seemed to be like any other. She was going through many difficulties even though her family had been worshiping their traditional gods and goddesses. However, instead of bringing peace, these gods only brought disorder within her family. Some of her relatives confessed they had cast an evil spell on her, and that was why her family members were so disturbed.

Hoping to find a solution to her family’s problems, she went to a local temple in search of a priest. However, on her way to the priest, some of Gospel for Asia’s Women’s Fellowship sisters stopped to talk to her. When they heard about her family, they had compassion. These sisters began to share their testimonies about how they had also lived in darkness but were now blessed in the Lord Jesus. As they shared and read the Word of God to her, Fulmala’s heart began changing.

The sisters told her about the love of Jesus and how He can give new life. They prayed for Fulmala, asking God to remove the evil spirits that were tormenting her family. After this chance meeting, Fulmala began attending the Women’s Fellowship prayer meetings, and the Lord started to work in her life and her family’s lives.

The Women’s Fellowship sisters were faithful to pray for Fulmala, and by the grace of God, she was delivered from her troubles, including the evil spirits that were attacking her household. Now Fulmala regularly attends church, and her family lives in peace. She has also received Jesus as her personal Savior. Please pray for Fulmala to grow in her faith and be a channel of blessing. Also pray that God will bring the rest of her family to Himself.