This woman, just like Usri and Yamini, was afflicted by evil spirits before she received healing from God.

Tanuj Kapur wasn’t a believer until he witnessed his sister’s deliverance from demon possession.

For 10 years, Usri was plagued by demonic spirits. No hospital visits or temple sacrifices could rid her of the oppression she suffered.

As a last resort, Tanuj brought her to the church where Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Hasit Sengupta was serving. Hasit prayed for spiritual freedom in Jesus’ name, and the demons fled—Usri was completely delivered!

When Tanuj witnessed the power of God, he, his oldest brother and his family surrendered their lives to serve the One who saved them.

Later, Tanuj’s mother-in-law, Yamini, experienced sudden attacks from evil spirits. When Tanuj heard about the situation, he knew exactly what he needed to do—take her to Pastor Hasit for prayer. The pastor, along with believers from his church, prayed for her, and once again the Lord heard and answered. Yamini was completely delivered from demon possession and, as a result, has since received Jesus as her Savior. She said she is grateful to the Lord for healing her and filling her heart with joy and peace.

The villagers were astonished by seeing the miracle, and now eight more families have started attending Tanuj’s church.