Women are incredibly effective in reaching other women in South Asia with the Gospel of Christ.

In Himachal Pradesh, India, every mountain is named after a deity and most of the people participate in spirit worship and rituals. Himachal Pradesh is also one of the places where Gospel for Asia's Women's Fellowship is seeing the redemptive power and love of Jesus change lives.

Established in 2005, the Women's Fellowship ministry strengthens local church congregations by discipling the women, equipping them for evangelistic outreach in their communities and addressing other needs in their lives.

Many lives have been changed in recent months as women from these churches—many of them first-generation believers—have gone forth with prayer and the love of Jesus in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Manoroma knew Jesus and regularly attended the Women's Fellowship meetings. She carried a heavy burden into each meeting: her husband had left her for another woman. The women rallied around Manoroma joining her in fervent prayer for her family situation. Manoroma was encouraged in her Christian faith when her husband returned. He also chose to repent and follow Jesus. Now, they are leading a peaceful life together.
  • Menaka suffered from great physical pain. But when the Women's Fellowship team in her area was participating in four days of fasting and prayer, they prayed for Menaka, and the Lord healed her!
  • Victor, a man who is active in a local church, suffered from a fever and breathing problems. He asked the Women's Fellowship team in his church for prayer. The women prayed for him, and the Lord healed him completely.
  • Mercy, Preeti, and Chandana were constantly troubled, and there was no peace in their lives. Their problems were caused by evil spirits they had allowed to control them. But when Christians from the Women's Fellowship in their areas prayed for these women, each one experienced deliverance. Mercy and Preeti are now regularly attending church meetings, hearing the Good News of Jesus.
  • Sunita suffered from leg pain. Even for all the prayers and sacrifices she offered to her gods, she could not rid herself of the pain. She even appealed to witch doctors, but still she found no relief.

Then Sunita met Indra, a member of GFA's Women's Fellowship. Indra told her how Jesus healed people in the Bible and encouraged her to trust Him for healing. Sunita began attending the Women's Fellowship prayer meetings and learning more about Jesus. She started praying, and soon experienced complete healing from her pain. Now, she is active in the Women's Fellowship in her area.

The Women's Fellowship leaders ask for prayer that each person in the many groups would remain faithful as they share God's love.

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