Hasit thought he faced death after he forgot to cleanse himself before performing sacred rituals to his gods.

Hasit hated Christians. He didn’t want any believer sharing the Good News with him. He didn’t even let them get near him. Instead, Hasit constantly looked for opportunities to condemn and persecute Christians. Little did he know it would be the prayers of a Christian man who would save him from death.

The (Un)fortunate Turn of Events
Hasit was a village priest who worshiped tigers and elephants, which he believed would protect his house, property and crops in exchange for his reverence. He often performed black magic and held onto superstitious beliefs. His gods required strict rituals and sacrifices that had to be performed the right way or else it would provoke their wrath.

Unfortunately for Hasit, he fell sick one day with a fever and forgot to cleanse himself with a bath—a step before performing the rituals. He assumed this misstep had angered the gods he worshiped. His sickness grew worse, and he fell unconscious. His wife thought he was dead, but he revived only to fall unconscious again.

A God Who Loves
Seeing his struggle for life and receiving no help from their gods, Hasit’s wife sought the prayers of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Saul Dutta, who was serving in their village. Despite knowing the hatred Hasit had for followers of Christ, Saul was intent on sharing and showing God’s love to his enemy.

When Saul arrived at their home, he shared the Gospel and explained some of the miracles Jesus performed while on Earth. He assured them Jesus could heal Hasit if they believed in Him. Without hesitating, Hasit’s wife trusted Jesus to do a miracle in her husband’s life.

Saul prayed for Hasit, and the next morning the Lord healed him! Now Hasit and his wife worship and attend Saul’s church where they’re growing more in love with Jesus every day.