A New Church—for the Second Time

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This church building inauguration was a day of great joy for Gospel for Asia missionary Hadi Rahman. That's because this was the second time he had inaugurated a church building on this same site in Assam, India.
These believers worship God at this new church building. They had a church on this site before, but two years ago it was destroyed by wild elephants.
The congregation declares that this new church building is a testimony to God's provision and to the hard work of Pastor Hadi.
Among his congregation are two former militants who laid down their weapons and received the Gospel when Hadi shared it with them.
Hadi's great heart for the lost has resulted in many receiving Christ. Five new churches have sprung up in surrounding villages!
Hadi's emphasis on discipleship has helped many new believers know the Lord. Here he teaches a Bible study.
Even though his new church building is not fancy—he has to ring a handbell to signal services starting—he and his congregation are grateful to have a place to gather.
A GFA state leader from Assam encouraged the congregation at the building's inauguration.
This church member's smile captures the gratitude Hadi and his congregation will feel for a long time. They know that their church building is a true blessing.
date posted 10/14/08