A year after Radhika got married, leprosy broke out on her leg. What’s worse, her husband found out. He left the 19-year-old at her parents’ house and never came back.

Radhika’s older brothers looked after her. They took her to a doctor, who gave her an herbal remedy, but the treatment didn’t work. She was left with the shameful, disfiguring disease and nothing to cure it.

One day, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Gandhik Chopra handed a piece of Gospel literature to a man. He then shared that Jesus had healed 10 lepers, and he urged the man to have confidence in God.

This man happened to be one of Radhika’s older brothers. Through him, Pastor Gandhik found out about Radhika’s situation. Although leprosy patients are often shunned in South Asia, Pastor Gandhik extended Christ’s love to her and invited her to come to church.

Through the worship services, Radhika began trusting Jesus to heal her from her disease. After she had prayed and fasted for some time, the Lord cured her of leprosy, and not a single spot remained.

Because of the Lord’s show of love for her, Radhika chose to follow Christ. Just as He did 2,000 years ago, Jesus is still healing those who have leprosy. Please join the hundreds of leprosy patients who follow Christ by praying in faith that the Lord will heal them of this disease.