Three Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college students were forced to quit their ministry in a particular area after the village chief accused them of forceful conversion.

Bible college student Hasit visited this village six months ago during his second year of studies. He shared the Good News with a few families who responded positively to God’s love. As a result, Hasit started a small mission station where around 10 people gather for prayer.

Throughout the year, Hasit’s leaders continued to send him to that village to conduct Sunday worship services. By God’s grace, the number of people who attended grew in the Lord.

When Hasit entered his third year of Bible college, he had a great desire to do his internship in the same village. Seeing his ministry and passion for the people there, Hasit’s leaders agreed to send him and two other students, Kulik and Sudesh, to that village to continue sharing the love of Christ with the locals.

Hasit, Kulik and Sudesh rented a room in the village and also brought along a film projector to show a film about Jesus in the village. They began to visit people and share Christ with those they encountered.

One family was curious about the sufferings of Jesus Christ, so the students showed them the film Man of Mercy. About 15 to 20 people gathered to watch the movie on April 23.

The very next day, the village chief, Dev, heard that the students had screened a Christian movie in his village. He found Hasit, Kulik and Sudesh and began interrogating them.

Where do you come from? Why did you come here? What is your purpose?” He barraged them with questions.

Dev accused the students of forcefully converting the villagers to Christianity. He demanded their landlord kick them out of their rented room immediately.

We do not want to see you people in this village sharing the Gospel,” Dev fumed.

When Dev left, the three missionaries talked with their landlord. However, because he was fearful of the consequences, he asked Kulik and Sudesh to leave and gave only Hasit permission to stay under the conditions that he would not talk about Christ or screen the Jesus film.

Our brothers are disappointed but praying to the Lord to open a way for them to witness for the Lord,” said a GFA field correspondent. “They do not want to leave the village even though they are facing opposition.”

The students remain in the village. However, they are unable to conduct any fellowship or visit the people they have been ministering to.

Please pray:

  • The Lord will intervene in this situation and give strength to our brothers to face the situation with boldness.
  • The Lord will protect the missionaries and believers.
  • Dev and Hasit’s landlord will allow the brothers to continue their ministry in the village and will embrace the love of Christ.
  • The families Hasit and the others have been ministering to will stand firm in their faith in Christ.