Bringing Clean Water to a Village

Transforming Communities with the Gift of Jesus Wells

Woman drawing clean water through GFA World (Gospel for Asia) Jesus Wells

Jesus Wells provide fresh water year-round, protecting communities from waterborne illnesses and sparing women and children from spending hours fetching water. Obtaining clean water is also vital for practicing safe hygiene and for supporting healthy immune systems, both of which prevent the spread of diseases.

Pastors serving near Jesus Wells are able to share about the Living Water mentioned on the well’s plaque. Providing safe water—either by drilling a new well or maintaining existing wells—is a practical way to show communities how much God and His children care for all people!

Salil’s Testimony

“Our family is blessed both physically and spiritually. We are free from problems and sickness. We also met the Living God in due time. It is because of the people who have spent their money to drill a Jesus Well in my place. I have never seen them, but I’m always praying for them. Thank you very much.” —Salil, villager in Asia

Donate to Jesus Wells

$1400 provides a well that produces clean water for an entire community, saving people from waterborne diseases for years. $140 can help 30 people, $700 can help 150 people, and $1400 can help an average of 300 people. Giving monthly or annually is the most powerful way to donate.

Jesus Wells are a wise investment and we keep the costs low, too. For only $45, you can provide clean water for up to nine people for around 20 years.

What’s the cost of a well?

Empower a Family with Clean Water

Group of women collecting clean water through GFA World (Gospel for Asia) BioSand Water Filters

BioSand Water Filters: Convert Dirty Water into Clean Drinking Water

Many people in the areas we serve do not have clean water and as a result battle waterborne illnesses—or even succumb to death. Made with simple materials, BioSand water filters remove 98 percent of biological impurities, providing safe water for drinking and cooking for a family and often for neighbors too! The clean water will improve health and hygiene and will give peace of mind—all of which are expressions of Christ’s care.

Aanjay’s Testimony

"Not only were the physical water needs of believers and villagers met, but also our inner thirst for love of the Lord and for one another too are being met very strongly. While these filters and training are making an incredible difference in the physical well-being of the recipients, many are also gaining the peace and freedom found in following Jesus Christ." —Aanjay, a farmer in South Asia

Donate to BioSand Water Filters

$30 provides a family in Asia with a clean water source that will keep them from contracting life-threatening waterborne diseases for many years. Giving monthly or annually is the most powerful way to donate.

Provide Privacy and Safety to Families and Communities

GFA World (Gospel for Asia) Outdoor Toilets provide security and privacy, especially for women and girls

Outdoor toilets protect people from contracting diseases found at communal waste grounds.

More than a billion people worldwide have no choice but to go to the bathroom out in the open, which poses many risks, especially for women and girls who venture into open fields under the cover of darkness. Private outdoor toilets spare families from disease found at communal waste grounds and protects the dignity of men and women.

Iniyavan’s Testimony

“Now, since I have this toilet built in my house, I don’t have to worry. My family and I don’t have to go to the tea garden for toilet, and it is very safe here. I am very … grateful to all those who donated the money, who thought about us and gave us all the facilities. Of course, my words are not enough to say thank you because you have expressed your love so much.” —Iniyavan, a laborer in Asia

Donate to Sanitation Projects

For only $540, you will help reduce the risk of common diseases by providing a family with an outdoor toilet. Giving monthly or annually is the most powerful way to donate.

Our Stewardship Commitment

GFA World (Gospel for Asia) is dedicated to the most effective and efficient stewardship of resources, according to 1 Corinthians 3:12-14. Contributions to GFA are income tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. All gift options represent GFA’s actual ministry efforts to meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities. Regardless of particular preferences, moneys are raised for ministry purposes, and GFA retains discretion to use donated funds in any manner that serves our charitable objectives.

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