About School of Discipleship

Gospel for Asia School of Discipleship mission is to assist men and women to become devoted followers of Christ and fulfill the great commission by enabling them to know Jesus more fully and intimately through the careful study of God’s Word, along with practical teaching and training relevant to each individual God given calling.

What Makes GFA’s School of Discipleship Distinct?

We praise God for all the different Seminaries, Bible Colleges, discipleship programs and ministry internship opportunities that are out there. Each one serving and fulfilling the purpose for which they were formed. We feel privileged that God would enable us to start this School of Discipleship with a unique emphasis on missions, and knowing the Lord not in a theoretical way but in a way that brings about life change.

  • 1. Sound Biblical Teaching and Study

    The School of Discipleship affirms that apart from a solid, foundational emphasis on the study and application of God’s Word, life transformation will not take place. It is within the sphere of our submission to God’s Word that we find our life makes sense and we are able to live submitted to His way in his power. Because of this, every student in the School of Discipleship will not only learn the importance of the study and submission to God’s Word, but also the discipline of living Biblically in thought and action.

  • 2. Mission and Evangelism Emphasis

    The Strength and uniqueness of the School of Discipleship is that it is bathed in mission and evangelism. Gospel for Asia is the context in which the School of Discipleship finds its direction. With Missions being the very heart of the ministry and the School of Discipleship, a natural passion is developed to live life in such a way that is defined by, ”Knowing the Lord and Making Him known.” The students are part of a missions movement that is making an impact globally, rescuing over 70,000 children from a life of helplessness. They also have frequent times of evangelistic street witnessing and gospel tract distribution. The emphasis that the students are part of is that we don’t just do missions but mission is a response to our love for God in all that we do.

  • 3. Character Transformation

    We believe God’s work in an individual’s life that brings about life transformation through character development will lead them to a deeper surrender walk. It is through the surrendered life that God’s Word is done and His Will is accomplished. Because of this, the subjects, activities and environment are developed to bring about this life change in each student and provide them the opportunity to grow in grace and love.

Funding School of Discipleship

School of Discipleship is a program within the ministry of Gospel for Asia. Expenses for the program are paid for by contributions given to GFA School of Discipleship. Each student is responsible to provide $6,000 in donations to the program. This covers program costs such as tuition, housing, meals and curriculum. Student's personal expenses such as travel to and from Texas, medical coverage, and personal spending money are not covered.

$6,000 can be an intimidating amount of money to consider. Most students use a mixture of three methods to meet the program's financial deadlines:

  • Self-fund (savings, job earnings prior to coming to SD, parent's financial help)
  • Fundraising Events (car washes, bake sales, garage sales)
  • Support Raise (talk to people about donating monthly toward the $6,000 required total)

Most students who apply themselves to all three of these methods see God raise all the funding needed not only for the $6,000 but also the personal funds you'll need during your year. Upon acceptance, we will send you materials to help with fundraising events and support raising efforts.

The program begins each August, below is the financial deadline schedule:

Amount Due (Total) Donation Deadline
$2,000 ($2,000) Due by July 15
$1,500 ($3,500) Due by Nov 15
$1,500 ($5,000) Due by Feb 15
$1,000 ($6,000) Due by May 15



Watch Pastor David speak about his daughter attending School of Discipleship.

My relationship with God went from being a part of my life to the very essence of who I am.


God changed my heart, and got rid of bitterness, unforgiveness, pride and selfishness.


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