My Experience: Hannah

"It gives you an opportunity to meet with the Lord. It gives you an opportunity to hear from Him and step into His presence in ways that you might not normally" —Hannah

Hear from Hannah, a young woman growing in her walk with the Lord, share a taste of what she experienced and learned while spending time here.

Engage with the Lord in a variety of ways.


Daily Times of Prayer

There will be both corporate and individual prayer times. Pray with others using scripture and prayers the Church has composed over centuries of following Jesus as well as spontaneous prayer. Experience the closeness of God through individual times of prayer. Lift up the needs of the global church.


Each morning, greet the day with worship, time in the Word and a message from Christian leaders.



Messages by Christian Leaders

Be impacted by the testimonies and lives of individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord and have walked with Him, ministering to the most vulnerable across the globe.

Workshops on Spiritual Practices and Missions Passion

Learn about the practices cultivated by godly men and women over the past two thousand years and in turn, turned the world upside down with the gospel. Get tools to do the same in your world.



Times of Solitude and Reflection

Our journey with the Lord is not about following rules or having the right answers; it is an intimate relationship rooted in love. Spend time in His presence and meditate on His Word.

Small Group Discussions

Process the week together, spurring one another on to love and good works.



Special Evenings of Worship

Experience Kyrie Elieson style worship where the cares of the world melt away. Be transported to the throne of God as we join in one heart and voice to praise the Lord.

Community Meals

Get to know others with the same heart and passion for the Lord over community meals with the GFA World staff.




There are several places to hang out including our coffee house, bookshop, volleyball court and prayer trail. New friends (almost) guaranteed.

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