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Missionary Rustam


I was born on May 2, 1984 into a non-Christian family in India. We struggled for the daily needs on account of our poor background. Father sold alcohol. He was also addicted. This led my family into financial crisis. I was sent to a hostel for study. I got into bad company, involving in worldly pleasures.
Once, my sister was seriously sick, and her hands and legs were swollen. Since we could not afford medication, we took her to a witch doctor. The steps he took were in vain. My father decided to take her to the church.
The servant of God shared with us the power of Jesus, the love of God and prayed for my sister. She was healed. This miracle of Christ turned our life towards Him, and we accepted Jesus as the personal Savior. Joy, happiness and peace filled our hearts.
As I spent time with God, I realized that He wanted me in ministry. I dedicated myself for His service. The pastor asked whether I was willing to study the Word. I realized this as the will of God and enrolled in a Bible school.

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