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Missionary Thomas



I was born on April 2, 1990 into a nominal Christian family in India. I was a Christian only by name. I had no personal relationship with Jesus.
My mother became seriously ill and we took her to many hospitals. But the medical science failed to cure her.
During this time, one pastor had happened to come to our house. Seeing my mother’s deteriorating situation, he prayed for her. He also told us about our need for repentance and to come to Jesus for salvation. The pastor assured us that if we put our complete faith in Jesus, He would surely heal my mother.
The Lord answered our prayers and healed my mother miraculously. Grateful to God, I opened my heart to Jesus and received Him as my personal Savior.
My family situations were changed as the Almighty began to rule over us. We all became very happy in the Lord.
Walking closer with my Savior, He helped me understand His call upon me to serve Him. Therefore, to be trained for the task, I enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible School.

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