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I was born November 21, 1992, in a nominal Christian family in India. Being a part of this family, I had the privilege to learn from the Word and to attend the Sunday worship.

Though we faced financial struggles in life, my parents wanted me to acquire good education and so they sent me to school. One day, a pastor from a church came to my house to share the Good News. He was a godly man and knew the Bible profoundly.

During our conversation, he shared the Word of God with us. The words that he spoke from the Scripture touched my heart and I was convinced that Jesus is real and true. It was then I realized that leading a life simply is not enough. We should do something for our Lord who gave us this life on earth. At once, thinking about my wrongs, I confessed my sins and received Christ as my personal Savior.

As days went by, a desire grew in my heart to serve the Lord as long as I live. Through my personal devotion I was confirmed of my divine call to toil in His vineyard. Soon, I enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible School to train myself for the ministry ahead.

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