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Missionary Siang



I was born on April 27, 1983 into a nominal Christian family in Myanmar. My parents were not devout in their faith. The only time they mentioned about the Bible was when I disobeyed them. I always grew up in constant fear for they threatened me by saying that if I do not obey them I would go to hell.
One day, I was privileged to attend a Gospel meeting held in our village. The man of God preached about the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross to redeem the sinful humanity. The words of the evangelist opened my inner eyes to understand the truth and my need for personal salvation. Before the meeting ended, I confessed my sins and received Jesus into my life as my Savior.
When I came to know the Lord personally, His peace and joy filled my heart. As an answer to my prayers, the Lord confirmed His call upon me to labor in His vineyard.
Soon, the Lord opened a door for me to join a GFA Bible school to be equipped for the task.

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