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Missionary Shanti


I was born on January 17, 1989 in a non-Christian family in Nepal. While we were quite young, my father went to India in order to earn a living. Thenceforth, my mother looked after us.
My mother started to brew alcohol at home as a means of livelihood. Meanwhile, she happened to attend a prayer meeting. She heard about the message of peace, joy and everlasting life. She began to believe in Christ and received Him as her Savior.
We all children accompanied her to church. But I did not try to understand the Word.
During one Sunday, the congregation sang songs praising God. The lyrics of a hymn portraying God’s love touched my being. That day, I welcomed Jesus as my Savior.
Transformed into a new person, I enjoyed divine peace and joy. Moreover, I had seen the Lord blessing my family abundantly.
I developed an earnest desire to serve God. In due time, my Savior called me for His ministry, and I enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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GFA-supported Women Missionaries minister in numerous ways, including evangelism, ministering to widows, conducting women’s fellowships and providing literacy training.

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